Tutorial: Beadwoven Leaf or Heart on Wire – Type 2: Filled


beadwoven leaves on wire type 1 02a


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Note:  You could use four of these pieces to make a butterfly – see the next tutorial for a much more complicated one – you can build the body the same way as in that one.


Materials and Tools:

12” 28g or 30g wire or bead weaving thread (wire allows better molding and holding of shapes)

1 8mm x 12mm oval bead in the center color of your leaf (#1 in the diagram)

1 4mm round bead in the center color of your leaf (#2) – you might decide to omit this bead if making a heart

8 4mm round beads in the fill color of your leaf (#3) – if making a heart, two of these could be 6mm

Approximately 48-50 seed beads in the margin color of your leaf (#4) – plus a few more if making a heart

Chain-nose pliers and Flush cutters





Step 1:  Place a seed bead in the center of your wire, lined up so the wire goes through it horizontally.  Fold the wire around it so it looks like #5 in Figure 1.  Then slide two round beads onto both ends of the wire, first a #3, then the #2 (if using), then finally the large oval bead, #1. 


Note that throughout the project, you will want to keep the wires pulled tightly enough so they show as little as possible, but do not pull so tight that the wire breaks.  Also, be careful not to kink the wire, as this will weaken it, possibly causing it to break.  To accomplish this, wrap/fold the wire before pulling it.


beadwoven leaf on wire step 1

Figure 1


Step 2:  Pull each side of the wire down its side of the oval bead and start placing beads on it in this order: three seed beads (#4), one round bead (#3), one seed bead horizontally (see Figure 2), then take wire back through the same round bead, then one or two seed beads, one round, one seed horizontally, one or two seeds, one round, one seed horizontally, an one last seed bead. Refer to picture and diagram to accomplish this.    If making a heart, use a 6mm bead on each side closest to the top.  You should now be at the bottom of the oval bead on one side.  Push the end of the wire up through the oval bead so it is coming out the top again and pull tight.  Repeat on the other side.  Press wire and beads to the oval bead so you end up with something like Figure 3.  Leave enough play in your wire so you can lay the beads flat against the central bead as shown.



beadwoven leaf on wire step 2a

Figure 2



beadwoven leaf on wire step 2b

Figure 3


Step 3:  Starting with one side of the wire, place 5 seed beads on it (6 or 7 if making a heart), then thread the wire through the first horizontal seed bead at the end of a round bead (see Figure 4).  Add two to four more seed beads, then thread through the next seed bead at the end of a round bead.  Repeat twice more, taking you through the one on the bottom.  To make a point on the bottom, add another seed bead horizontally to the bottom seed bead, threading the wire through it (Figure 5), then through the previous bead again (Figure 6) and pull tightly.  Continue up the other side until you reach the top of the leaf.  This step knits the piece together to form the margin and complete your leaf or heart. 




beadwoven leaf on wire step 3a


beadwoven leaf on wire step 3b




beadwoven leaf on wire step 3c


Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6


Step 4:  Wrap the wires together tightly at the top.  You now have a leaf with a stem of fine wire, which you can use to attach it to whatever you’re making.  If you do not want the wires at the top, wrap them tightly close to the oval bead, then pull each to one side and thread it through a few seed beads before cutting it off with a flush cutter.  This will hide the ends and make them less likely to unravel or to stick you when you wear your piece.


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